Built-up Cans | Ends & Components | Printed Sheet Metal

The company , which is a part of Al Ghurair Group, specializes in 3 –piece metal Can manufacturing suitable for packing all types of foodstuff, and compliments the group’s packaging trio that also includes Al Taghleef Industries ( film packaging ) and Arabian Packaging ( paper packaging ). The product line ranges in size from 70grams to 5Kilograms in different sizes for filling tomato paste, legumes/processed vegetables, meat, dairy products, cheese, ghee/oil, lube oil/grease, dry food powders, nuts etc. ACI manufactures all type of Cans with diameter ranging from 52, 63, 65, 73, 83, 99, 105, 139, 153, 175 & 189 mm having the height ranging from 34 up to 240 mm.

ACI also supplies printed tin sheets with their components. Further expansion projects are also underway to add new sizes of cans to the company’s product portfolio.

In line with its commitment, ACI is proud to announce newly innovative shaped cans to meet the ever demanding requirement by the food packers for packing various processed / non processed foods world wide.