Today, the protection of environment is a major concern and in many countries, great progress has been made in eliminating the causes of pollution, accumulation of waste and denudation of forests.

ACI's commitment in protecting the environment is significant through the environment protection programs that we conduct in our factory.

  • Air Toxic Emission Control Program - We conduct yearly analyses of chemicals through reputed Laboratories.
  • All discharges to the air environment are in accordance with the requirements of the EPSS Technical guidelines of the Dubai Municipality.
  • Drying oven furnace is provided with adequate fume exhaust system and control facilities with operating efficiency o not less than 97%.
  • LPG is burned in the drying oven & holding furnaces and emission limits of the flue gases do not exceed the required limit.
  • Compressors / Forklifts : Examination & test of compressors/ air receivers are conducted to check that air contaminants such as solvent fumes are not allowed to be discharged.
  • Effective preventive maintenance is undertaken on all the process equipment and emission con troll facilities to ensure compliance with emission standards. Essential spares and consumables are also maintained at the site.
  • Malfunction or breakdown leading to abnormal emissions are being dealt with promptly and process operation is adjusted until normal conditions are restored.
  • Formal training is provided to all staff who are in charge of operation of any air pollution sources equipment or process and control facilities.
  • This is disposed off through Dubai Municipality authorized scrap movers.
  • We have waste generations in the form of Printing waste, Press waste & oil waste. Printing/ Press generates hazardous chemicals / waste water, etc. which are stored in underground holding tanks. This is emptied from time to time through authorized scrap movers after obtaining prior permission from Dubai Municipality.
  • Cotton rags soaked in chemicals are separately stored in trash bags and disposed off through scrap movers after obtaining permission from Dubai Municipality.
  • Adequate air changes are provided in the workplace by providing fresh air and exhausting arrangements.

All updates are done on timely bases as per the instructions given from the concerned authorities of Dubai Municipality.

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